Sep 2023 STU1 Ballot

This page defines a workflow hook for the purpose of providing clinical decision support using CDS Hooks. This is a ballot at the level of Trial Use.

Metadata Value
specificationVersion 1.0
hookVersion 1.0
hookMaturity 3 - Considered
standardsStatus Trial Use
publicationStatus Ballot


This hook is invoked when the user is performing the discharge process for an encounter where the notion of 'discharge' is relevant - typically an inpatient encounter. It may be invoked at the start and end of the discharge process or any time between those two points. It allows hook services to intervene in the decision of whether discharge is appropriate, to verify discharge medications, to check for continuity of care planning, to ensure necessary documentation is present for discharge processing, etc.


The patient who is being discharged and the encounter being ended.

Field Optionality Prefetch Token Type Description
userId REQUIRED Yes string The id of the current user.
For this hook, the user is expected to be of type Practitioner or PractitionerRole.
For example, Practitioner/123
patientId REQUIRED Yes string The FHIR Patient.id of the being discharged
encounterId REQUIRED Yes string The FHIR Encounter.id of the Encounter being ended


  "userId" : "PractitionerRole/A2340113",
  "patientId" : "1288992",
  "encounterId" : "456"

Change Log

Version Description
1.0 Initial Release